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100% Y.A.W.N., also known as Project Y.A.W.N., was a lightweight robot built by Team JaGGed which competed in Season 4.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

100% Y.A.W.N. was a four-wheeled, box-shaped robot armed with a overhead spinning bar which could reportedly reach speeds up to 300mph. Despite having drive issues in both of its fights, 100% Y.A.W.N. never went further than the Round of 128 in its one and only season.

100% Y.A.W.N. was being rebuilt for Season 5.0 but due to personal reasons, the team never made it to the competition.[1]

Y.A.W.N. stood for 'Your Absolute Worst Nightmare'.

Robot History[]

Season 4.0[]

100% Y.A.W.N. vs. Lobotomizer (Forfeit)

100% Y.A.W.N. was first drawn against Lobotomizer in the untelevised preliminary rounds. As Lobotomizer forfeited, so Y.A.W.N. moved on to the next round.

100% Y.A.W.N. vs. Chewy

100% Y.A.W.N. then took on Chewy, but only had intermittent mobility in this battle. Chewy drove over, pushed 100% Y.A.W.N. around and then stopped moving. 100% Y.A.W.N. took the KO win and advanced.

100% Y.A.W.N. vs. Rolling Blackout

100% Y.A.W.N moved on to the final preliminary round against Rolling Blackout. It still had trouble moving, so Rolling Blackout drove over to it and shoved it into the spike strip. 100% Y.A.W.N. stopped moving entirely, and so Rolling Blackout eliminated 100% Y.A.W.N. from the competition with a knockout victory.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
Season 4.0 Lobotomizer (Forfeit)
Rolling Blackout